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A Great Croatian Organist - Edmund Andler-Borić. ‘Diapason’ Festival Concert in Lviv (ENGLISH version)

  Hi everybody!

  Photographer Roman Tupys is here;)

  This is a blog post about one of the best concerts I was lucky to take pictures of. As you may have guessed, we will focus on the Croatian organist Edmund Andler-Boric ;) The concert took place in Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall at the VI International Festival of Organ Music "Diapason"on October 1, 2016. And now in more details...

So, your photographer came before the start.
Paintings of the exhibition of blind artist Yurii Lomov as well as the presentation of literature and materials for the blind were in place.

The hall was empty. Not a single person was there at that moment.

Photo exhibition "Let's perceive the world through music and touch" was eagerly expecting the visitors who came to the concert.

And finally here it comes ;)

And the photo dislay as well ;)

Photo for Ms Maria, Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall employee.

Not a single concert goes without selfie ;)
This time it is romantic :)

The feedback book of my photo exhibition is gradually filled with new reviews.
Here are some of them.

Having made a selfie, we move to running through the concerts program ;)

The audience is absolutely positively disposed :)

Everyone likes listening to organ music...

Exhibition of paintings by Yurii Lomov is really exciting.

The visitors are fascinated.

The visitors are fascinated.

The whole family has come to the concert ;)

S-o-o-o! What are we having today?

Visitors are taking pictures on different devices :)

And someone does not like taking pictures, but expecting the start of the concert.

Here is our magnificent Lviv organ - the largest organ in Ukraine.

This cheerful couple was one of the visitors to the concert.

Cheerful and romantic :)

The visitors one by one fill the hall...

Yulian Vynnytskyi, the Head of Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall, welcomes the visitors.

And turns the floor over to the presenter, Bohdan Kotiuk, Lviv composer.
Mr Kotiuk presents us a guest from Croatia, who is about to appear on the stage. 
The winner of various organ competitions.
Giving performance on a tour to Europe, the USA, South Africa and Israel.
Today he plays for you!

Welcomed with a storm of applause, a high-spirited Edmund Andler-Boric goes to the console.

The first composition is the Bach play. The work created during the most fruitful period in his career, the so-called Weimar period, when Bach worked at the court of duke Weimar.
Below you can find the original name of the composition ;)
Johann Sebastian Bach -- Concerto G-dur BWV 592 nach J.E.P. von Sachsen-Weimer 
It consists of 3 parts:
- Allegro
- Grave
- Presto 

During the play, Edmund was assisted by Olena Matseliukh, the Lviv organ player, who helped to switch the drawbars when necessary.

Edmund plays in a very focused and emonional manner.

As usually, the visitors also film the performance ;)

The audience gives Edmund Andler-Boric back with a storm of applause...
But it's not time for that ;)
As the composition includes 3 parts, which doesn't give pauses for applause in order to keep the composition perfectly completed.

We were pleased to listen to the following 2 parts: Grave and Presto.

Satisfied Edmund Andler-Boric gives a bow to the audience.

The applauses were enough and to spare ;)

Bohdan Kotiuk tells us an interesting story about Max Reger, the next composer, who we are lucky to listen to. 
Max Reger ( 1873 - 1916 ) is a German composer, organ and piano player, the conductor. He is the follower of Bach music creation tradition.

In today's concert we will listen to Max Reger 'Fantasy'.

Here is the original name:
Max Reger --Phantasie. Allegro energico aus Sonata fis-moll op.33

Edmund Andler-Boric plays in a very confident manner and the instrument responded into diversified sounding of its 4742 organ-pipes.

Olena Matseliukh was always there to shift the drawbars when needed. The composition wasn't easy one, so her help was really essential.

Some closing their eyes, enjoy the play and probably imagine something beautiful.

Turning the music-sheets is no less important.

And having turned the next page of music-sheets, you need to shift the drawbar.

The organ liked Edmund and sounded in its best way ;)

Here are the background notes and when the last organ-pipe quieted down, the audience burst into applause.

Meanwhile Mr Kotiuk passed along about the composition written by Edmund's friend - Jean-Paul Verpeaux (*1951), a modern French composer. Jean-Paul Verpeaux has more than 350 compositions for organ. One of them is dedicated to Edmund — the "Toccata Negra".

So, let's listen to it
Jean-Paul Verpeaux -- "Toccata Negra dedicated to Mr. Edmund Andler-Boric"

This Toccata is absolutely quick, exciting and intense.

The audience just enjoys a perfect Edmund's play and the organ sounding.
One can only close their eyes — and gets to a different world ;)

Mr Bach seems to get revived in this play ;)

A great composition ending!

Edmund Andler-Boric is happy for getting a positive boost from audience who abandonedly applauds.

Here is how they applaud.

What about the romanticism? 
Johannes Brahms is a German composer, one of the main representatives of Romatic era. He cooperated with one of the most prominent musicians of that time — the piano player Clara Schumann and the violonist Joseph Joachim. Mr Brahms was a honorary member of Halychyna Music Society, established in Lviv.
 He has also written 11 chorale preimpressionists for the organ. 
Now we listen to the Chorale №8 op. 122

Here sounds Johannes Brahms -- Choral "Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen" op.122  played by Edmund Andler-Boric.

For an ideal performance, the musician needs to be absolutely ready and focused.

The audience has decently sized up his perfect performance and given their vibes.

In 2010, Edmund Andler-Borić was given a prize of Franjo Dugan, the academician and organists, for a special contribution to saving and popularisation of the Croatian cultural heritage.

Now we are about to hear a composition of a modern Croatian composer Adjelko Klobučar (1931 - 2016)

Adjelko Klobučar -- Intrada, Pastorale & Toccata.

At the beginning we listen to Intrada — the sound reminds grandiose fanfares.

And then a soul stirring and smooth Pastorale.

A quick, interesting and no less melodic Toccata, the melody is constantly rising and solemnly finalizes!

Again Edmund receives positive vibes from the audience.

If you look closer, you'll see how these vibes flow :)

Bohdan Kotiuk also told us about the Lviv organ, as well as about how Edmund was impressed that he would play on the biggest organ of Ukraine.

Meanwhile Edmund Andler-Boric and Olena Matseliukh were getting ready to the next play.

In a good mood :)

The organ was also well set ;)

The audience was ready to start listening.

As well as to make videos.

What else interesting can we expect to hear? ;)
The next comes Jules Grison, the French composer and organist. 
Known as a prominent organ improviser.

So, Jules Grison -- "Toccata F-dur" (Toccata F-major)

Toccata is very lively and emotional, and requires the organist to make quick and elegant movements.
Edmund Andler-Boric shows skillful, energetic, quick and sound performance.

All 4742 organ-pipes sound magnificiently.

The audience is absolutely fascinated.

The final stringing!


In the end of today's great organ evening, we enjoy the composition of Alexandre Guilmant, the French organist.

Get ready to listen :)

Alexandre Guilmant -- Symphony (sonata) d-moll op.42
Introduction -- Allegro, Pastorale, Final

Some more photos without comments ;)

Edmund is happy!

Expressing gratitude to the audience!

Applause, applause, applause!!

Edmund prepared a surprise to the appreciative audience ;)

As an encore we enjoyed the composition of a modern Latvian composer 
Ajvars Kalejs -- Toccata

A great thanks to the audience!!

Edmund is given a standing ovation!

Edmund was in a high spirit, satisfied, and thanked Olena Matseliukh for a great assistance, as well as Bohdan Kotiuk for a perfect concert moderation.

A collective photo as a commemorative picture ;)

Another one for Edmund Andler-Boric and Olena Matseliukh.

And for a happy Edmund near the organ ;)

The Head Yulian Vynnytskyi also enjoyed the concert a lot ;)

Either did I ;)
Even was lucky to make a photo of us :)

Edmund with the organist Nadiia Velychko.

A gratitude for the creative cooperation ;)

Talks about the organs ;)

A commemorative picture for Yaroslav ;)

I am also lucky to get the autograph from Edmund Andler-Boric, which is very comforting for me :)

Am I lucky to get a Jean-Mari Leroy autograph?

You will know about it in the next blog post ;)


Let a good music be in your life ;)

*A special thanks to Oleksandra Uliatovska for help with this blog-post translation from ukrainian.

Regards, your photographer Roman Tupys
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