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The Concert of a great French organist Jean-Marie Lerroy. International Festival "Diapazon" (ENGLISH version)

Hello everyone!

  Photographer Roman Tupys is over here :) With a new outline about a great French organist, the Ukrainian friend - Jean-Marie Lerroy. Why so? About this soon ;) The concert took place on October 6, 2016 in Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall as a part ot the VI International Festival of Organ Music “Diapazon”. And now the details...
 What do you think, when the photographer comes? ;) Guessed?
If not, it will tell you – he comes in advance :) The room was empty.

A small rehearsal and final preparations were held in a positive atmosphere .

In the framework of the VI International Festival of Organ Music "Diapazon" there is a photography display, which aims to draw attention to the problems of blind, located at the entrance to the hall.
In order to attract the attention of concerts visitors, I decided to put the following on the opposite wall to it ;)

And to sign it as here ;)

As we can see — it works :) 

With interest the visitor look at the photos. Here are the emotions the have.

Meanwhile, the hall was gradually filled with new visitors who were in a good mood,

they communicated,

making photos,

and leaving some commets to the photo display guestbook.

Some didn't notice me :)

The audience was diverse.

Some learnt the concert program,

scrolling the phone and smiling,

happily discussing the concert or Bach issues ;)

It was very nice to meet a friend there — a famous Lviv blogger Ihor Vorobii, who has come to listen to the concert as well as to have a look at a photo display.

Having looked at the display, Ihor sits comfortably in the hall and is ready to enjoy the music.

The others were also ready.

However... Some were still examining something :) They are probably the tourists ;)

Our wonderful presenter Lviv composer Bohdan Kotiuk welcomes all present. He tells us a little about the concept of the “Diapazon” Festival and the paintings exhibition of blind artist Yurii Lomov and the photo display. As well as that mostly every concert is visited by a few blind.

The audience listened attentively.

Then Bohdan Kotiuk invited to the stage a famous French organist Jean-Marie Lerroy, who is a representative of of the French Organ School.

The first work we listened belonged to the French composer:

Pierre du Maz - "Livre d'Orgue" (Organ Book)

Some had to film the video ;)

Jean-Marie gives a great performance,

and our Lviv organist Olena Matseliukh assisted him in switching the drawbars when necessary and turning the music sheets.

The emotional performance doesn't allow you to stay indifferent... 
And here I was revealed :)

Here how it looks inside the hall.

Jean-Marie Lerroy plays in a very confident and skillful manner, and the largest organ of Ukraine sounds in its best way.

The audience has decently estimated a great performance and given a loud applause!

   Mr Bogdan Kotiuk said that Jean-Marie Lerroy loves traveling. But not by plane or train, but by his own car. And for today's concert Jean-Marie got by his car at 4 am and only at 10:00 started the rehearsal.
  The next masterpiece we hear is written by Dietrich Buxtehude, a German composer and organist of the Baroque of the Danish origin. He worked as an organist in Helsingborg (1660 - 1668), then in 1657-1658 in Elsinore, and then, since 1668 in the church of St. Mary in Lübeck.
   D. Buxtehude organized evening musical performances, so-called Abendmusik, which invited musicians from all over Germany and were carried in churches until 1810. Why in the church? Because earlier there were neither philharmonics nor special halls.
   And once J. S. Bach came to such evening meeting; he overcame a considerable distance for this - 400 km (!!!) from Arnstadt. It was in 1705.

Bogdan Kotiuk is a musicologist, so he knows a lot of interesting things;)

So, here we listen to Dietrich Buxtehude -- Praeludium fis-moll (F-sharp minor prelude)

Everyone enjoyed the music in their way ;)

Olena Matseliukh has shown a skillful work — here she turns the music sheets,

and in a second she switch the drawbars. A true master ;)
It helps Jean-Marie Lerroy a lot.

The audience is enthrilled and applause endlessly which is even on the photos :)

We continue to stay in the Baroque era. Johann Pachelbel is an outstanding composer of this era. 
His works are on the peaks of South German organ school. At the time of this composer, the popularized were dances, called ciaccona.
So, now we are listening to Johann Pachelbel - Ciaccona f-moll (Chiakkona F-minor).
It consists of 4 dances.

Jean-Marie started and the Lviv organ pipes started their dance ;)

Here we revealed a cameraman ;)

Ihor Vorobii listened very attentively ;)

A full focus of both the organist and the assistant.

The audience doesn't have to focus, as it enjoys a Jean-Marie Lerroy perfect performance.

Here Jean-Marie express his gratitude to the audience ;)
As one can see, he enjoyed the play and people's energy who came to listen to his performance.

And how we do without J. S. Bach?
Nohow ;)
Not all the works J. S. Bach completed during his life.
So the next work we hear was finished and interpreted by Antonio Vivaldi after the death of J. S. Bach.

So here listening to J.S. Bach -- Concerto after Vivaldi a-moll

Jean-Marie Lerroy is ready and in a good mood ;)

And a perfect play again.

This composition is extremely melodious, thrilling and dreaming.

Here how it looks from the inside of the hall ;)
Some more photos without comments.


Jean-Marie Lerroy is a key organist of Notre Dame de Nazareth in Paris.
He studied at the Scola Kantorum and the Paris Conservatoire.

And now we go back again to France and its composers.
Alexander Pierre François Boel is a French composer, organist and pianist. The first music lessons he took from his father. At Napoleon times, he was engaged in popularizing the music of deceased composers - Frescobaldi, Couperin, Bach.

Boel has been and remains unknown for public.
But now we will have an opportunity to discover this brilliant French composer.

Jean-Marie Lerroy is ready. A good mood means a great performance ;)

Musical score with the works of Alexander Pierre François Boel are already here.
We are about to hear a magic music.

And here finally Alexandre Pierre François Boëly -- Andante con moto.

Great sounds of France were heard from our organ and we like enchanted (or rather by the sound of organ pipes;)) got into the atmosphere of Paris.

In the end, the audience awakened from the Paris dream :)
And applauses.

The music of France keeps sounding here.
But let's add some Belgium.

Let's listen to the French organist of Belgian origin -- Cesar Franck.
So, César Franck -- Choral №3 a-moll (Хорал №3 ля-мінор)

Here I leave you alone with music and emotions ;)


And again Jean-Marie Lerroy in delightful mood ;) 

Jean-Marie Lerroy gives concerts in Spain, Taiwan, and as an organist and conductor he played more than 30 concerts in Ukraine with various symphony orchestras.

Again a great French composer -- Gabriel Pierné.
He was a follower of Cesar Franck; we have just listened to his composition.

Now sounds Gabriel Pierné -- Praelude (Prelude)

Within a few seconds, a marvelous setting and positive Jean-Marie passed on to the public.

A nice portrait before the play.

And here the positive vibes flow to the room, filling the hearts of listeners.

Applause, applause, applause!

We continue to get acquainted with the best French composers -- Charles Turnemir.
He also was a follower of Cesar Frank. He served as organist in St. Clotilda cathedral in Paris. During his life, he was better known as an organist and improviser. He wrote a great list of compositions L'Orgue Mystique. Songs that belong there, are associated with the Catholic Sunday Mass and accompanied by Gregorian chant.
Now we listen to his Choral improvisation, which is usually performed at Easter time.

So, Jean-Marie Lerroy playing Charles Tournemire -- Choral improvisation upon Victimae Paschali Laudes.

Finale accords....

...and the emotional end of the composition.

 Jean-Marie Lerroy was an apprentice of a blind French organist and composer Jean Langlais. Jean Langlais was blind since age of 2. And through music he communicated with the world. He has a unique composing style which differs via a dramatic virtuosity and improvisation.

At the end of today's concert, Jean-Marie Lerroy performs works of his teacher:

Jean Langlais -- "Les Remeaux" & "Piece Heroique"

The final preparations.

And the organ sounded great.

All 4742 pipes were filled with the air and each sounded in their own way, creating an extraordinary atmosphere in the hall.

That's how fine the composition is played by legs.

Jean-Marie Lerroy copes easily with it.

Like this ;)

Emotional completion of the work!

The audience delighted gave a long standing applause.

Jean-Marie Lerroy asked for the microphone and thanked the audience in English, sharing that he liked our Lviv organ a lot, it's outstanding.
He also remembers about his Ukrainian friend, the opera singer Vasyl Slipak who died in combat in eastern Ukraine. He said that they had plans with Vasyl to organize concerts in Ukraine, including Lviv. But it was his destiny. So now he implements their joint plan.

And for encore he performed the composition of Mykola Lysenko "Elegy" which he dedicated to Vasyl Slipak and changed for organ (Jean-Marie Leroy - note.)

The presenter Bohdan Kotiuk translated all Jean-Marie said into Ukrainian.

And we heard a remarkable work of Mykola Lysenko - "Elegy" in the author's translation of Jean-Marie Lerroy for organ.

Satisfied Jean-Marie bowed to the audience.

The audience gave an unstoppable applause!!

After the concert we had an opportunity to have an interesting conversation with Jean-Marie Lerroy.

And also to take a commemorative picture.

No one was denied ;)

But they are a bit similar :)

Collective picture is a must-have!

And also a photo for Jean-Marie Lerroy and Olena Matseliukh.

Even I was lucky to get a photo thanks to my friend Ihor Vorobii :)

Autograph Jean-Marie Lerroy was also received, which cheers me up :)

Hope you enjoyed the article;)

Waiting for your comments;)

See you in the new interesting post;)

Be in a great mood ;)

*A special thanks to Oleksandra Uliatovska for help with this blog-post translation from ukrainian.

Sincerely, Your photographer Roman Tupys
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